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When you reflect back on your life, on the pain, anguish, drama, hardship that you have gone through what do you come up with? Stories, right? It’s the stories of the “I.”

I was brought up this way. I experienced this and that and thanks to that I became this way or that way so I perceived the world this way or that way and because of that I acted this way or that way. And thanks to my actions I attracted this person or that person who caused me to be this way or that way, and so on and so forth. You think any event is real the way you describe it, while what you describe is a mere subjective experience called the story of the “I.”

It didn’t actually happen that way. The being lost in the stories is why you become their pawn. Your mind projects the specially written I-movie onto the world. So not only you live a dream but you also created it, but you never realized it…until now that I tell you it was all but an illusion. You never knew you were dreaming. You were playing a role and you didn’t know it.

Get this enlightening class and you will learn to have a drama-free life by just practicing one thing: awareness. You will become awake in the dreams.

“This is my favorite one so far. I always create stories!!!” ~Rhonda, NY


You can now purchase this powerful class for $77 or $67 if you are a member of the monthly membership already: