27. Goddess Interview: Kellie, Why He Still Dumps You After Being A Goddess And What To Do

“He came back. He showed up at my house last night. Kat said if you don’t freak out he will be back. We talked a while before he spit it out “I want us to try again” I’m happy right now. He held me all night. I feel like this is unreal.

We were together a year and broke up for just five weeks. I didn’t contact him ever. Just let him go even though I was hurting.

He truly believed that are parenting differences would break us. He admitted that he could step in with my kids and I must be doing something right because his girls love me. I told him since moving in the new house I’ve seriously laid down the law with my son’s back talk and have rules in place (no more free for all).

I was in the garage when he pulled up. I admit I melted when I saw him get out of the truck. He didn’t come right out and say it. In fact he just kept saying the same stuff “we were so good. I don’t want things to be awkward if we see each other. I do love you Kellie.”

I was prepared for him to go. But he couldn’t stop hugging me and saying sorry. Finally I was like “look you made me very happy. I did not want you to leave but I respect you know what’s best for you. So I accept it and wish you love.”

Yes I was crying. He just wiped my tears and pushed my hair out of my face and spit it out “I miss you. I want you and no one else. You are so special to me. We’ll have to get on the same page with the kids, but I want us to try again.”

Then he picked me up and hugged me for an eternity until I stopped crying. I didn’t sleep because I just kept looking over and he was there and it was surreal.” ~Kellie, Georgia

Kellie is one of the Kat Goddesses who experienced this typical men-getting-cold-feet situation and she managed to get him back by sticking to what I teach.

Find out what she did or didn’t do to deal with this breakup the most dignified way that impressed him so much that he realized no other woman compared. This is why my teachings have been responsible with so many exes back and relationships/marriages saved.

What I teach is a way of being that will change everything about your life. It will make you happier and more peaceful and in return that lightness of being will mesmerize any guy that crosses your path.

And this class is why Jillian also got her ex back after a 6-week breakup!  This is 2 + 2 = 4.  You can’t fail with my method.  You just can’t.

UPDATE: Kellie is now married to the same man.  Congrats, Kellie!

“Ok…. well after following all the advise here from a very few special ladies (you all know who you are) HE IS BACK.  Six weeks in total being gone. Now I do not want to make the mistake of jumping right back in so I said we could start over from scratch…like 1st date again (we used to live together) and so I am trying not to over think anything and he is picking me up Saturday night for our “date.”  I want to enjoy the journey, not be in my head but I also have to try and let go of what happened.

I think  what happened was a combination of ex and court stress (which caused the fight which lead to the breakup) and work stress: being overwhelmed and cold feet.  He said he made a rash decision (which he did) and never meant anything and now has a lawyer and loves me and misses me etc etc and how sorry he was and how he would like to try again, even just to spend time together.

I also admitted and owned my part in it.  So now how do I pace this?  We had a full life together.  I am just unsure how to go about this I guess.  I need help cause I don’t want to screw it up cause it was the happiest most healthy and loving relationship I have ever been in.

I am trying tell myself to just see how I feel on Saturday and let things unfold organically (I can hear Katarina Phang’s cute and sexy accent in my head saying these things lol)

And also I need to thank you, Kat,  for the work you do…..this class has caused my ex to return with a vengence.” ~Jillian, Canada


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