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You got pissed again cause you perceived a slight.  And you reacted…as usual.  You told him how you felt cause you read as long as you used “I” and not “you” this should be okay.

Millions of women have done that…”I feel this,” “I feel that.”   Thousands of them are under my care now.

And he pulls away still, just like when you still said “you did this,” “you did that.”

Nothing has changed and now you’re regretting your (over)reaction only minutes later, so what do you do?

Right, apologizing….  This is the 10th time this month you have been apologizing.

And he said “Don’t be sorry, be different.”

Yup, he doesn’t want your apology.  The more you do it, the more unstable you look to him.  So what to do?

Many of you are so reactive you keep making mistakes that you regret only minutes later.  There is one thing that fixes a mistake like no other, I will reveal in this class what that is. Do you know how men show they’re sorry? I will also reveal in this class through an real-life example of my boyfriend. That’s what you should also do. If you always feel like you’re walking on eggshells, you need this class.

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