24. Goddess Interview: Kimi, How She Got Her Ex Husband Re-Propose After 5 Year of Divorce & No Contact

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I didn’t see it coming.  I knew Kimi would be my success story one way or another (cause you can’t fail with my method) but I didn’t think she would get her ex-husband back after 5 years of divorce and no contact.

And when she announced that they got back together in November 2015, I still didn’t think he would re-propose that fast.

She had been sitting on all my programs the previous 2 years, and in every cycle of Journey Inward, even though she’s on disability and only had little money to spend on courses.

We worked it out cause she had been one of my most committed students.

And just a few days before this interview he re-proposed!  

This is her story in her own distinct voice and writing style:  “Ladies.., NEVER GIVE UP!! I knew he had been thinking about it, but didn’t know for sure… If or When he’d do it!!

Those of you who Know me on here I haven’t posted in while, but I got Back with my ex husband after 5 Very Long Depressing years, and I took ALL of Kat’s classes so I knew What to Do…

Nothing fancy with asking me, we were in truck at light by the mall… When he leaned over and kissed me, then ask me, if I Was going to marry him Again.., and I laughed it off thinking he was joking… When he pulled in mall and said, ” you need a ring and you need to pick it!!

I said, Your serious aren’t you? And he said Hell yea I’m serious! So we went in and I picked out Any ring I wanted! It was Fun!!!

So for those who Don’t know… We were together for 11 years and back when we were partying and drinking and always ended up fighting… And I pushed him away, but once things calmed down, we started seeing each other but I got stupid… And thought I’d find someone Better, I then realized.. What a mistake I made!

We had divorce final and then I heard he had a New gf!! So I came by to bring his things, when I seen it was this Awful Bi*ch that I grew up knowing that she chased the last year we were together, his daughter dated her son… So she was always asking her questions and begging her to Fix them up!

Well they were dating and I tried warning him and his family… All about her, but they thought I was just a jealous ex wife!!! Well it didn’t take long, for them to a See, what I was talking about! She was So Happy thinking she Got him, that I knew it was only time, and he’d be Done with her!!!

It started last year in March that I got him to come over to get some money my son owed him from years ago, and his mom told me he was laid off… So I knew money would get him to come over!! So I called not knowing if she was with him or not.., and he answered it I almost dropped the phone!! I told him I had cash for him and he came right over, but He was Just as nervous as I was!!! Lol..

He came over and we had small talk and he got ready to leave and I wanted to just Grab him… When he ask Me for at least a hug! I was now, about to faint , it was like I was dreaming!! He put his arms around me and even ask me Why I was shaking.., lol. Then he kissed me!!!! I could Feel him melt, the same as I did, I told his mom, All I needed was 5 minutes and I’d have him Sunk, and I Did!!!

He’d call me about every 2-3 days, he was trying to help the gf pack cuz he told her she needed to Go! But she kept saying she had No where to go… But after our moment we had, he was determined to get rid of her!!!

About 2 weeks later he called and told me he was at Weber’s Inn, most expensive hotel in Ann Arbor and ask me to join him! I was So excited I couldn’t get there Fast enough!!! It was the Best weekend I ever had!!! He knew he was in Deep shit when he got home with her trying to find out where he was!! But he didn’t care anymore!!! So he told her on Saturday he was renting a truck and moving her things, if it was only to storage place! So she got busy packing! Then as soon as he dropped off her things, he called and said to meet him at his house! And I’ve been here ever since!!!!!

I Never could have been the partner I am today… If it wasn’t for Katarina Phang, and All the time and money I spent, being In Every class… And read her book about 50 times, it’s weird how each time you read it, I’d learn something I missed the times before!!

He still is Amazed at how different I am Now, verses how I was Before!! I use to pout, cry, chase him, accuse him of Everything , and drive him Crazy… Until I met Kat, and healed the inner child from feeling from my mom who I never felt loved the way I wanted and my dad was the silent type who never expressed himself but I knew he Loved me!!

Then my 1st marriage that was both physical and verbal abusive which made me afraid to talk about my feelings!! But since years went by… We have become very close, mostly because of kids and grandkids, and he’d invite me to dinner and casino and I had to drive him home one night… And even HE… Ask me, ” if I was to ask you to marry me again… What would you say?”

Oh…. My heart sank, and I felt Bad for him because I Had to say NO, even after he’d tried Everything to make it up to me, how Bad he treated me!! But he was ok, but I had to Really Lean back from him!!! But it’s nice that we can be together with All family now!!

So to All you ladies out there… Never give up, just work on fixing yourself… Cuz That… Is what will matter the Most, when your With him the next time !! They can Feel, your energy from across the room… If you’ve fixed Yourself to being Full of Life, Love, Happiness , positive vibe you send out… They Will Notice!!!

I waited 5 years just for that 1st Hug… Never dreaming it would end up like This!!!

I am So Blessed, with getting a 2nd chance of having the life I always wanted with a man who cooks, cleaning, laundry, toilets, mowing grass, keeps a perfect home, so what more could I ask for!! LOL!! So my Fairytale will be coming True.., soon as I set a date!!!”

She has grown so much since the 2 years she sat in my programs religiously. Her self-love and self-confidence is so mesmerizing, no wonder he can’t wait to marry her AGAIN!

I’m sure you have tons of questions.  And because she is one of my most compelling miracles, she is now in the Goddess Interview Series.   She is proof that anything is possible with my teachings.  No relationship issue is too hard to overcome.  And in this class she will tell you what the game changers are.

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