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“So I have been focusing on me even more so since my husband and I have reconciled…working out, going out to dinners, attending trainings for work etc. I even attended a Saturday training for work yesterday which did not give my husband and I much opportunity to see each other since he was at work when I got home. He arrived from work about midnight and came upstairs with 2 beers (I love beer) and popcorn because he thought I was still awake. I did not know any of this until he told me this morning. He woke up, took a shower and woke me up by kissing me all over and having such passionate sex. He said, “I missed you!”. That’s the first time he has said that in months.

Ladies, continue to lean back and take care of you. It shifts everything.” ~Layla, Florida


That was Layla’s latest update of her reconciliation with her husband, two weeks after their Vegas Anniversary getaway.

Only a week or so before their getaway Layla was so anxious about the uncertainty of their marriage but she stuck to the path of no resistance that I teach and not reacting on her hurt feelings and anxiety. She reaped the rewards after only 2 months working with my programs.

In the interview she matter-of-factly said that the marital counseling wouldn’t have helped her marriage had she not been working on herself.  The only thing she got from the counseling was the fact that she got to hear her husband’s feelings cause otherwise he didn’t talk much at all and she was left wondering what was going on, if he was going through with the divorce as he first intended to do.

Wanna learn how my method has saved many marriages/relationships? And how a woman is the emotional leader in relationship and you as a woman can save your relationship ALONE. Yep, alone. That’s my proven trademark. Many don’t understand why it only takes one person to save a relationship and it’s usually the woman who holds the key. Listen to this enlightening class and feel a powerful shift within you that saving your marriage/relationship is a matter of when, not if, if you practice what I teach.

Learn the unique and most counter intuitive lessons in love and relationship you won’t find anywhere else from a wizard coach who has given birth to 68 engagements in the last 2.5 years.

“It was such an awesome class.  This is such a teaching for where I came from.  We didn’t go so far in him wanting to leave me but I was nagging also because I was unhappy and didn’t know… Thanks!!” ~Julie, the Netherlands


You can now purchase this powerful class for $77 or $67 if you are a member of the monthly membership already: