17. Goddess Interview: Pamela, How She Ended An Abusive Relationship And Got Engaged Twice In A Year

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This class is also a Goddess Interview with my client Pamela, who left her fiancée and got engaged 2 months later to another man, that coincidentally touched another subject worth dissecting: abusive relationship.  She’s one of my numerous miracles and contributed to 2 of the 50 engagements in 2015.

Here’s her story:

“Hi Katarina, I’m kind of embarrassed to post this in the group… but I cancelled my wedding and engagement. What happened is I got engaged in April to my EUM after 4 years of on and off -and then really off for a solid nine months in which I had 2 minor relationships and then full roll onto a great rotation of good guys.

Things were moving along we had a wedding date of November 7.  In August we moved in together for the first time and things started to really unravel.

Yes, I walked away from it because he was agitated and abusive to my daughter once we moved in together. It was over little things like she didn’t finish all her eggs for breakfast and he wanted her to tip toe around such she did but one Sunday afternoon she ran to the window when kids were playing on the street and he said she was being defiant over his house rules and he went after her.

We could not live together. It was too extreme. So I walked away. I gave the ring back… This has been since September.

It was super hard for me to give up the dream I was sick over it and embarrassed and ashamed of the failure of it but I am telling you it was a severe event that hit home. I moved out in the first week of September. He had my furniture back the next day.

But…the two men from my rotation when I broke up with him came back and… strangely enough I can’t even believe I’m saying this. I can’t believe it’s me or my life but I think it’s your teachings absolutely. I got an engagement ring today so I’m now re-engaged to someone else.

He was very upset when I told him back in April that I couldn’t date him anymore because I was engaged. He now said he wasn’t going to let that happen again so he was going to engage me to make sure that he did not lose me like that. I can’t believe this is my life or me.

I thought he was joking when he was saying that.

And there is another guy in my rotation from before that also came back. And he always seemed very much like the third guy in my rotation. I hardly ever heard from him or anything, all of a sudden he is saying he had been saying earlier this week that he wanted to get engaged by the end of December. He is a nice Greek guy that was in my rotation. Now all of the sudden he said he went to Greece over the summer and came back and made his decision and it was me he wanted for a wife??

I don’t know what’s happening with me!! Is it Four Components Of Melting His Heart??? But now I’m engaged again so I can’t get engaged to him and I can’t even believe it, Katarina.

I feel humbled and I’m shocked. I don’t know why they are feeling like this. My new fiancee said, “I don’t know what you have done. Did you put a spell on me?”

His mom said “What did you do to my son?!” She said she never saw him so smitten or heartbroken when I came off the market in April.

Then when we were out on a date he asked me what happened between us, why did I run off and get engaged. He had wished I would have dated him longer cause he had really liked me (I had zero expectations of him because I was busy). I didn’t realize his experience with our dates was so happy for him. I didn’t care.

He said he had been so happy with me. I had fun with him, he took me on great dates! He was shorter than men I usually date and I didn’t think he would want to start over with a young child. I gave it that much thought, therefore I just went out time after time and enjoyed every experience with him not thinking of him as someone I would continue with or not.

I didn’t think he wanted marriage or anything.

He was happy with me and I was busy with my rotation. I had a good time with him but I was also having a good time with other people and not taking too much of what he was saying seriously.

He was pretty upset when I suddenly told him I couldn’t see him anymore he said that he wished I would have given him more chance and more time. I said, but you know my guy showed up with a ring. I said yes so I couldn’t see anybody else anymore and he said “Well, what if I get you a ring because the time that you were gone I really missed you and I didn’t date anybody else like you and if I get you an engagement ring and we get engaged will you not run off like that again.”

He said he’s the marrying kind. He asked me what kind of ring I would like and today said he had thought about it as it’s a big decision but he wants to be engaged and get married sometime this summer :)))))

He said, I will make you happy if you just tell me what you want. I’m speechless and I feel humbled I don’t know how to even explain it to anybody. I haven’t done anything. I haven’t even cooked this man a meal.

I sign up for the monthly membership and Four Components Of melting His Heart, read the book and lurk in this group every day for pearls of wisdom and serenity. This has all changed me profoundly.

Like I said I am in total disbelief this is me and my life but I’m extremely happy :))) I bow down to you, Katarina:)”

So, are you in an abusive relationship and stuck in it cause you are too scared of the unknown? Learn from Pamela how she pulled this off with so much confidence.

This 95 min class will also guide you on how to identify an abusive relationship.  There are 8 clear signs that a man is abusive.  Unfortunately abusers and abusees work in tandem. Both enable each other in a cycle of codependency. Unless you are emotionally healthy yourself, you may now know you are in an abusive relationship and even if you know, you may not have the power to leave as many many women don’t.


“I will probably need to listen to this one 5 more times” ~Natalie, New Mexico



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