16. What Is Polarity And How to Keep Your Relationship Polarized

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What is polarity?  Here’s one of the definitions according to vocabulary.com

“Polarity is a relationship between two opposite characteristics or tendencies, like the polarity of two sides of a debate, or of the superhero and villain in a comic book.

Polarity can literally refer to a positive or negative electric charge. Less literally, it indicates something with two opposing but related qualities.

You might visualize polarity as a battery holder with a plus sign on one end and a negative on the other. More than just opposites, polarity suggests opposites that are interconnected. What would the light of day be without the dark of night? Good without evil? Yin without Yang?”

Here’s the definition by Oxford Dictionaries:

1. The property of having poles or being polar: it exhibits polarity when presented to a magnetic needle.

2. The relative orientation of poles; the direction of a magnetic or electric field: the magnetic field peaks in strength immediately after switching polarity.

3.  The state of having two opposite or contradictory tendencies, opinions, or aspects: the polarity between male and female the Cold War’s neat polarities can hardly be carried on.

4.  Biology: The tendency of living organisms or parts to develop with distinct anterior and posterior (or uppermost and lowermost) ends, or to grow or orient in a particular direction.

Now, can you see where I’m going with this?

I’m the expert in feminine/masculine dynamics and in implementation of polarity in relationship.

Polarity is the way of nature.  You see it in every aspect of life: night and day, strong and soft, masculine and feminine.

Relationships -even gay relationships- need polarity to survive.  The reason my teaching has been so successful is because it follows this very principle religiously.

To attract masculine men and to keep them attracted, you have to be their polar opposite.

If you are the yang (masculine) in relationship and you don’t want to change or are okay being the yang, then you can only attract men who shine in their yin energy (feminine).

Masculine guys will be repelled by you.  Or they will friend zone you.

If you are a feminine woman, you can’t be sexually attracted to beta men cause there is no polarity that ignite the sparks.  So you two are in the friend zone territory.  

So in other words non friend zone territory is when the polar opposites are fully charged with opposite currents (imagine a magnetic field).

When you understand this law, you will see why your relationships have fallen apart and how you can strengthen the bond by keeping the polarity alive.

The loss of polarity is the beginning of a loss of attraction and thus….splitsville.  Every relationship (including gay relationship) has to be polarized to remain intact. The yin and yang have to come together.

Magnetic draw is between positive and negative polar opposites. Two negatives/positives will repel each other. Quite the same way, two masculine energies will collide. Two feminine energies won’t go anywhere (imagine having two people who are followers or leaning back in relationship).

This is the basic principle of what I teach that has been proven to be so wildly successful and in this class I will explain it how you implement this in daily applications with your man or the men you date.

My partner Joe is a guest star in this class and shares our moments of challenges of what polarity means to us and how to keep it alive. You don’t want to miss this class (like all my classes) cause they’re very educational, enlightening and empowering.   

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