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This class is also a Goddess Interview with Anabelle.  The reason I put it here is because I coached her life on how to manage her occasional anxiety after she got her guy back so she could maintain her equal footing and not slide back into a one-down position (the person who is more invested in the relationship).  She was having a drinking issue that caused him to pull back and she spiraled down deeper into anxiety that caused their relationship to unravel.

He left after a great beginning because he didn’t know how to deal with her drinking.  They broke up for 10 months and thanks to leaning back they have been back together for almost 5 months now.

Things have been great -he’s been even talking about moving in and buying a house together- but she still has some shaky moments when she feels he’s not as affectionate as usual, expecting the other shoe to drop…again.

If you have are troubled by similar issues, you don’t want to miss this class because in this call I advised her on how to go through troubling emotions like anxiety without acting on it.  And the one thing that keeps a man attracted to you that you must do.  It’s 1 hour 41 mins long.

“I hope the ladies benefit from our talk, I don’t even know what I said!  Thank you for the advice and kind words.  Last night Matt jokingly referred to himself as my “husband” lol.

Love ya, Kat!” ~Anabelle, Los Angeles


Just finished listening to Anabelle‘s interview.  Pure gold–she is so sweet and insightful. Loved this nugget “Nothing’s ever gonna be solved by freaking out” that Katarina dropped, too! ~ Kenzie, Atlanta


“The Goddess Interview with Anabelle that was recorded last week was excellent! Really opened my eyes about strategizing and controlling! I didn’t even realize I was living my life like that so much! Not JUST with guys I wanted. I think every email I sent last week was controlling- trying to get someone to do or not do something. Or do it faster. I never realized that was control. I don’t want to do that as much. And I don’t want to do that with men. To try to get them to like me or pick me. Gross. I’m done. Pick me or don’t. 🙂 I’m going to be grateful for what comes to me and chooses me. And let go.” ~Anette, Florida


You can now purchase this powerful class for $77 or $67 if you are a member of the monthly membership already: