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If He Won’t Commit to a Relationship Do You Stay?


he won't commit to a relationship

So you are smitten, head over heals, seeing forever but he won’t commit to a relationship with you.  What makes this more confusing is when he acts like a boyfriend.  He spends time with you, treats you well, keeps in touch, and tells you all the things you love to hear.  Why won’t he take that step and commit to a relationship?  Does he just need more time?

If you are like most women, you stay loyal to this man.  You don’t date others and you hope that in time he will step it up.  You tell yourself he just needs more time and then you come up with justifications for this decision.  Things like his ex cheated on him, he has trust issues, his job is stressful, he is depressed and so forth and so on.

I am going to be blunt here.  These are stalling tactics that men use.  It softens the blow and it keeps the average woman hanging on.  Men are capable of continuing to date a woman that they are not head over heals in love with.  They like you enough  but not enough if you know what I mean.  I am not saying these men will never step up, but I can tell you that remaining so loyal to these men does not inspire them to do so. Read more »


When He Sends Mixed Signals – Is He In or Out?


he sends mixed signals

Are you confused because you feel he sends mixed signals.  Many things feel like mixed signals when it comes to men.  Maybe he acts like a boyfriend when you are together but said he doesn’t want a relationship.  Perhaps he confessed how much he likes you, then disappeared for days or weeks.  Maybe he texts but rarely makes plans.

So Why do Men Send Mixed Signals?

It’s not always that men send you mixed signals.  Sometimes it’s just your interpretation.  If you are one of these women who dissect and analyze most of what he says and does, you may just be confusing yourself.

When a woman is interpreting his actions and words as mixed signals. she doesn’t know where she stands with him.  She will play his actions and words over and over trying to find evidence that he is interested or in love or falling in love with her. Read more »


When You Feel Stuck In Relationship, Here’s What To Do


young woman turning off Stuck on digital panel

Feeling stuck in relationship is more common than you realize.  The relationship is too good to leave, but too bad to stay or it’s not bad enough for you to pull the plug, yet not good enough for you to keep investing at the same amount of emotional investment.  It’s not a fun place to be in, for sure.  You only feel stuck cause many of you treat relationship as a black-and-white thing discounting the fact that he’s already treating it with so many shades of grey that you are against in the first place.  He has the freedom to treat it as such while you are bound to the “loyalty covenant” you create for -and exclusively only for- yourself.  A terrible move there, girlie.


Many of you are confused cause you are too scared to lose the so-called boyfriend when you respond to his half-assed investment with a semblance of interest on or inviting interests from other guys.  You are too hung up on his great potential, if only he would give you more attention, time, and treat you like a man in love would.

Instead you settle with not hearing from him for days on ends, or seeing him once or twice/week, him not spending most weekends with you or him not spending most of his free time with you.

Read more »


Control Your Emotions in Relationships and Stop Crying!


Control your emotions in relationships

Do you control your emotions in relationships or do you unknowingly rely on others to manage your emotions for you?  Do you find that you get your feelings hurt easily, or do you think of yourself as a person with a big big heart that keeps getting hurt and let down? If this is you, perhaps you haven’t quite mastered the art of managing your own emotions.

First of all I’d like to take this opportunity to apologize for the “password change” emails so many of you get from the system.  It’s a wordpress glitch that is being worked on by our programmer as we speak so hopefully it’ll be taken care of today.

So let’s continue….

Nancy had been dating Nick for about six weeks.  Nancy was 7 months out of a relationship that left her head spinning.  She was cheated on and lied to by her previous boyfriend.  She thought Nick needed to know about her past and asked me when would be a good time to bring it up.

After an hour on the phone with Nancy, it was determined that the reason she really wanted Nick to know about her hurtful past was so that he would be more understanding of her non trusting nature.  As if somehow telling him would guarantee her it wouldn’t happen to her again. Read more »


Using The Law of Attraction on Love


the law of attraction on love

If you are using the law of attraction on love, you are practicing the art of allowing. The law of attraction has nothing to do with control or attachment to how this love will come to you. It’s about letting go or resistance, and simply getting your feelings into alignment and shifting your focus from lack.

A few years ago I coached a woman who told me all about how she was using the law of attraction to get the love she wanted in her life. The love she wanted was this one particular man. She created vision boards that were full of pictures of this one man. She just knew that if she shifted all of her focus to him and her visions that he would manifest into her life and give her the love she so longed for.

This is not using the law of attraction for love. This is using control and calling it the law of attraction. Do you see the resistance she had to love? She was attached to how this love must come to her by focusing on this one man. She blocked the path of love into her life with these rituals. Did she get that man? Oh yes she did. He cheated on her, lied to her and treated her poorly. She prolonged her misery by 3 more years. To my knowledge, she still hasn’t found love. Read more »


Men Who Blow Hot And Cold – What To Do With Them


Men that blow hot and cole

Men who blow hot and cold confuse a lot of women.  One day he is on, one day he is off.  One day he is all loving and open, to just shut down the next. When he is on hot, he sucks you in and the connection feels just right.  When he is off, it feels like an Arctic Freeze and it just gets you down.

I think we have all been there with these men that blow hot and cold.  I know I sure have made my share of excuses for these men.  He is stressed, he is overloaded at work, he is scared of his feelings and on and on.

Here’s the thing though about hot and cold men.  I mean seriously think about this.  When you are crazy about someone, do you really treat them coldly?  I mean you, as a person, do you?  How do you treat someone you really care about and are thinking of building something lasting and meaningful with?  By turning hot and cold?  I really think you know the answer to this.  It’s just a tough pill to swallow. Read more »


Holiday Relationship Hell! You Will Survive!


Portrait of frustrated young woman near christmas tree


Holiday season is a tough time for single people or those who are in “complicated relationship,” especially women since we always attach so much meaning to Holidays.  But you will survive!


This will be my fourth winter holiday season in Katarina Phang’s Feminine Magnetism Group. I joined after purchasing her book He’s Really That Into You, He’s Just Not Ready. As a group moderator, I have witnessed all kinds of breakdowns and breakthroughs in this 2800+ member group over the years, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen as much anxiety and joy going on at the same time as I have this month.

Now that I think about it, Christmas did occur on a Full Moon this year, so perhaps it’s related. But the anxiety expressed in the group this holiday season is one that I will not soon forget. On one hand, we had at least NINE engagements this month, December 2015.

I should probably mention that we also had SEVEN engagements last month. This happens to brings the total of Kat’s engagements – this year alone- to 49. THIS YEAR ALONE. Read more »


How to Attract Love In Your Life Using The Law of Attraction


attract love in your life

The holiday season of December 2015 has been a tumultuous time in Katarina Phang’s Feminine Magnetism Facebook group for dozens of reasons. With a hyperactive group of over 2800 women from around the world, there have been 9 wedding proposals this month (AND 7 last month!), making 49 engagements for the entire year (as of this writing!). These women have discovered how to attract love in your life.

There has also been a multitude of breakups in the group happening at the same time. As a group moderator entering my fourth holiday season in the forum, I’ve witnessed much joy and anxiety being expressed this month, more than ever. While my position offers a unique window into thousands of romantic relationships, this month in Kat’s forum taught me how “Inner Work”  activates the law of attraction and attracts love into your life.

An important part of Kat’s teachings is that we participate in “Inner Work” in order to improve our romantic relationships.  That means taking a hard and honest look at childhood issues, self-beliefs, past relationships, ANYTHING that is possibly affecting your current situation. Read more »


How to Text With a Guy You Like to Build Attraction



text with a guy you like

Texting is one of the best tools you have in your dating arsenal.  The way you use this tool can either ignite the attraction or feel like a wet blanket to a man.  If you aren’t sure how to text with a guy you like, it’s time to learn what makes him feel good and what makes him run.

When it comes to a guy you like, many women will second guess themselves.They are often already trying harder right from the start and are texting from a place of longing for his acceptance.   If it’s a guy your aren’t so keen on, there is no pressure when it comes to texting him because you don’t care so  much.

The key to texting with a guy you like is to simply mirror him.  If he texts you, you reply!  You don’t initiate if he isn’t texting you or if he has stopped texting you.  If he texts you one sentence, don’t reply with a paragraph or try to keep the conversation going.

If you look back over your messages and his are short and one sentence and yours are long and end with questions, you are over investing into a man.  Be aware of this when you are texting with a guy you like.  Pay attention to where he is at, as opposed to focusing on where you would like it to go.  Read more »


You Deserve These Holiday Gifts For Yourself Cause You’re Worth It


Katarina Holiday Specials

“This morning, my BF refilled my glass of water and brought it up to bed like he does most mornings. We were quietly talking and snuggling as I woke up and he said, “I know I should say it more often, but I love you so much,” he pointed at the water glass, “This is how I show it because I feel it all the time. A lot of people say they love each other but we do our love every moment, everyday.”

Whoa! I was taken a back and so touched by him laying this out so plainly and sweetly. I told him that I love how we love and I feel it all the time.

He’s not super sentimental with his words. It was so nice to hear this from him this morning and the other night he said the sweetest thing when we were out with a bunch of other couples, that he and I are team and that we practically have ESP because we’re so close!

I can’t believe I used to worry about timelines, “talks,” or social media BS.  We almost broke up when I found Kat in May because he wasn’t stepping up and I was constantly upset.  So much has changed since then, we really have become teammates and best friends.  

Thank you Katarina Phang! The day I decided to get Four Components Of Melting His Heart, I didn’t know it, but I decided to let real intimacy and love in.  He asked me to move in a few weeks later after the program.  No one else will tell you this gold, I’ve seen em all! ” ~Kenzie, Atlanta

Hey there, it’s that time of year again!  Twice a year I have Holiday Specials: in December and February (Valentine’s).

And before I go on, I’d like you to check our first event in Los Angeles this coming December 19.  When you sign up you will also support our veterans (in light what’s been happening in our world, it’s so fitting to show our respect and admiration for our protectors).

If you are sick and tired of getting burned in dating and relationships, you are ready for my message.  Not everyone who comes to me is.  When they’re not they will resist me and claim they have heard and known what I teach (yet they don’t practice it cause they don’t understand it nor ready to try a different approach that doesn’t involve fixing the other person).

Or they will ask for guarantee before committing.  Or refund (and I offer none so make sure you’re ready to make this investment in yourself because after all, despite what you think, you’re so WORTH IT). Read more »

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