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Why Do You Choose A Harder Path With Men?

What is the appeal of a harder path in life.  Why do a lot of women choose this route when it comes to men? I receive this kind of email a lot:  "Please help, Kat.  I have a rotation but I really want this man.   None of these other men compares.  I must have him.  I...

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How to Feel Secure in a Relationship

Are you one of the many women who just don't know how to feel secure in a relationship? Do you struggle with anxiety when you feel unsure about where you stand or where or if you relationship is going anywhere at all.  Do you long for security in a relationship? What...

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Why Men Ask Why are You Still Single

It's really a simple question.  Why are you still single?  Men ask it all the time to single ladies.  For such a simple question it sure gets a lot of attention.  A lot of women analyze how to to answer this question.  It's asked in Katarina's group at least weekly,...

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When You are Scared You Will Never Find Love Again

If falling in love again, getting married and having a family even is part of your life's goal, yet love is no where in sight, you are likely in a state of fear.  The irony hear however is it's likely your fear that you will never find love again that is keeping love...

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When Your Man Looks at Other Women

Do you fee threatened or disrespected when your man looks at other women?  Most women do.  Are your feelings justified?  Is it wrong for a man to look at other women?  I mean he is with you, so why does he need to look at other women? Is There a Threat When Your Man...

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If He Won’t Commit to a Relationship Do You Stay?

So you are smitten, head over heals, seeing forever but he won't commit to a relationship with you.  What makes this more confusing is when he acts like a boyfriend.  He spends time with you, treats you well, keeps in touch, and tells you all the things you love to...

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