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To Become a High Value Woman – Stop These Excuses


become a high value woman

High Value Women are women who are in control of themselves, their life and their emotions.  They don’t make excuses for others as justifications for less than good behavior.  If you want to become a high value woman, you have to stop with the excuses.

We have all been there, in that place where we cared about or loved that one man that just wasn’t quite available to us.  We would hold onto to the good parts of him, hold onto his words or good times where we felt so connected, yet ignore his actions or lack of actions.  We undervalued ourselves.

When we undervalue ourselves, we can’t expect others to value us.  When we accept behavior that is less than and then make excuses to justify said behavior, we are far from high value. Read more »


Timeline Of A Relationship – What Is Normal?



 Many women are getting so hung up on what is the normal, healthy timeline of a relationship.  What is the right timeline for sex?  The right timeline to be exclusive?  To call each other girlfriend and boyfriend?  To get engaged, get married and have babies?  Truth be told there is no “should” on timeline.  Every situation and relationship is different.  What really matters is are you having fun?  Then what you should do is not to over invest and to keep your options open instead of nagging and being so pushy which are low-value behaviors.

In October 2014, Wendy got my book and wrote me:  “So, I’ve been seeing my “friend” for a little over a year now. We met through a mutual friend. We were at a get together and we ended up sleeping together. I wasn’t that in to him at first. He was ok. He was really into me. I made the mistake of sleeping with him again. Soon it went from one night a week to three or more nights.

Soon I wanted a relationship he wasn’t ready. He knew it bothered me. He took me out. Courted me. We spent all of our time together. Treated me like a girlfriend but couldn’t commit to the title. Read more »


How To Handle a Dating Rotation With Grace


handle a dating rotation

If you are dating more than one man at a time, it only stands to reason that you may find yourself in some situations.  It’s not always easy to handle a dating rotation, that is for sure.  You will have moments where you second guess yourself when you date different men.  Hopefully this article will give you some clarity and help you handle a dating rotation with grace, like a Goddess.

Is it Wrong to Date More Than One guy at a Time?

Some turn this dating rotation thing into a moral issue and really do struggle with if it is right or wrong.  No surprise here considering how society has brain washed women.  I could write an entire book on the rules of society and why we must question them but I won’t go there today.

No, it’s not wrong to date more than one man at a time.  To me what would be wrong is a man expecting you to be exclusive with him when you don’t even know him yet.  He didn’t find you on the bargain shelf right?  You are smarter than this aren’t you?  Read more »


The Disappearing Man Syndrome – What to Do!


disappearing man syndrome

If you are dating, you have experienced the disappearing man syndrome.  Men that show up in the beginning only to go poof in a few days, weeks or months.  Maybe it was a guy online you were talking to that just stopped mailing. Maybe it was a date or two that never contacted you again or worse, a guy that you had been talking to and seeing for a few months that just dropped of the face of the earth.

I know that it’s disappointing when a man disappears, especially if you liked him or felt an attraction for him.  Accepting that not every man is for you or that not every man will turn into a relationship is important in the dating world.  It helps you put it into perspective.

If you feel anger when a man disappears on you, it’s pointless.  We can’t make men do anything they don’t want to do and if he goes poof, rest assured he isn’t wanting the same things you do.  Wasting emotions such as anger towards him won’t serve you. Read more »


How Does the No Contact Rule After a Breakup Work?


no contact rule after breakup

So your heart is broken, he broke up with you.  At this point you would give your right arm to get him back, bordering on the edge of desperation.  You have heard about this no contact rule after a breakup and are wondering if it works.  Will going no contact get your ex back?

The Main Purpose of the No Contact Rule

The main purpose of the no contact rule after a breakup is to get yourself under control.  I  mean seriously, you aren’t thinking rationally at all at this point and you are highly likely to say and do things that you will regret. You will be reactive as your actions are guided by your emotions.  Chances are good it could be your needy emotions that drove him away in the first place.

The no contact rule after a breakup is for you to gain some self control.  A woman who can control herself and her emotions is sexy and much more desirable than a woman bleeding her emotions and pain all over a man. The former will regain his respect, the later will make him feel responsible for your emotions. It puts him in the Daddy role of consoling you as opposed to the role of a lover and a leader, in his masculine energy. Read more »


Why Can’t I Get Over My Ex – Understanding Love vs Attachment


why can't I get over my ex

Why can’t I get over my ex is a question about every woman on the planet has asked herself at some point in time.  Why can’t I stop thinking about him?  Why does it hurt so much.  I think the answer to this lies in understanding the difference in love vs attachment.

I know you think you can’t get over him because you love him so much.  You feel lost, maybe even desperate to get him back in your arms again.  The urge to call him, text him or run to him and tell him how much you need him is overwhelming.  You truly feel you need him.

One question to ask yourself is what exactly is it that you need him for?  What do you need from him?  Do you need him to feel better, to feel happy, to feel complete, to feel loved?  We all want to feel loved, however to desire this from someone who isn’t able or willing to give us love is not healthy. Read more »


When My Boyfriend Broke Up With Me The Magic Began


my boyfriend broke up with me

It’s been a while since my boyfriend broke up with me, years actually.  This break up however is one I probably won’t ever forget.  It was probably my most painful breakup and at the same time, a big pivot point in my life unknown to me at that point.

At the time I sure couldn’t see any magic happening in my life.  All I could see was my pain and what I wanted.  My life in those following months was filled with thoughts such as:

  • How can I get him back
  • Can I make him regret his decision
  • Can I make him miss me
  • Will I ever love or be attracted to another
  • How can I fix this
  • How can he turn this off like a switch

Did I go a little crazy, say and do things that I later regretted after my boyfriend broke up with  me?  Oh yes I did. I even bought a book on how to get your ex back and followed this instructions.  Some of the advice was good, like staying in no contact until my emotions calmed.  Some of it not so good like texting him after 30 days and asking him “Are you sure you want to lose me forever”.

I wish Katarina had been around in those days.  I sure could have used her wisdom back then.  I am sure she would have gotten me on the fast track of what took me years to learn.  That trying to control a particular outcome is just pointless.  In hindsight I shiver to think that this wonderful life I have may just not be had I controlled that outcome and gotten what i wanted back them, my ex boyfriend back. Read more »


When Your Boyfriend is Still on a Dating Site – What to do?


My boyfriend is still on a dating site

It’s a big sinking feeling when you discover your boyfriend is still on a dating site, no doubt about it.  It’s like you momentarily just forget to breath.  I have been there.  So what does it mean and what do you do if you find your boyfriend still on a dating site.

The first thing here for you to consider before you start to analyze this to death is what made you check the dating site in the first place?  In most cases it’s our gut that gives us a feeling that something may be off.  I call it my spidey sense.

In other cases, there are some women that just don’t trust a man in general.  They are constantly on guard for something to go wrong and checking a dating site for the guy they are dating is part of their ritual. If this is you, stop right here and please check out the Journey Inward and start doing some inner work. Read more »

He is Afraid of His Feelings and Other Stalling Tactics Men Use


he is afraid of his feelings

Recently one of my single girlfriends came to this conclusion that she needed to prove herself to the guy she was dating because he told her he was afraid of his feeling towards her.  Oh boy!  Here we go again.  The perfect stalling tactic a guy uses when he isn’t sure about you yet.

This is one of many things men will say to pace you when they feel you are getting ahead of them in the game.  A few other things men say along these lines are:

  • I am scared of getting hurt
  • You deserve better
  • I want to take it slow
  • I don’t know what I want
  • I am confused
  • When this or that gets better, things will change

Read more »


Self Sabotaging Through a False Sense of Entitlement in Relationships


entitlement in relationships

None of us like to think we could have a sense of entitlement in relationships, but the sad truth is most or many do.  Entitlement you see is like an expectation.  While there is nothing wrong with expecting things like a good life, a good job, good love, the danger comes when you expect it to manifest from others and what they do and don’t do.

Recently I read a post from a woman who was angry with her boyfriend because he didn’t call her when he said he would.  She wanted to know how she should make him pay for this “betrayal” to her.  She was torn between giving him a piece of her mind or giving him the silent treatment. She has a sense of entitlement that if goes unchecked, will destroy her relationship.

Turns out the poor guy fell asleep.  All that negative energy she generated with her thoughts of entitlement and what she deserved and did not get.  Expecting other people to do or behave the way you want them to stems from a sense of entitlement, a negative one. Read more »

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