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How To Get Him Interested Again After I’ve Messed Up?



Are you in love with an alpha man that is just so hard to pin down?  Have you tried all tactics and strategies in the book to make him commit and declare to the world that you are his one and only?  Have you plead, cajoled, threatened to walk away, acted psycho and needy, thrown a fit, used emotional blackmail and manipulation, withdrawn, confronted, stalked him, brought up the talk over and over and given him empty ultimatums?  Or in other words: have you messed up?  Stop now. You are just making a fool of yourself and the more you do all those things, the less likely he will give you what you want.

“OMG Katarina!!! I don’t even have the words to tell you what I feel today… Well, it was exactly a year ago that I reached my lowest point with my guy which lead me to you a couple of weeks later… Yes, a year ago he brought his hot Russian woman to Lebanon, telling me about it and adding that he needed me to leave him alone while he would be “enjoying” her…

Worst period of my life! Oh I cried so much because of it and I felt so hurt and depressed… It was the end of my word. I couldn’t understand at all why this was happening to me and what I did wrong to push him to act this way… Why wasn’t he falling in love with me although we have been seeing each other for a almost a year by then?? Read more »


I Let Go Of My EUM And My Own Emotional Unavailability, And Now I’m Engaged To An Emotionally Available Man


There will be a time, when you realize that you’ve been holding on for too long and it’s time to let go.  That’s the time when you are healed from your own emotional unavailability.  That is when an emotional available man walks into your life and provides the stark contrast that you need.  You see now that a relationship that thrives is always with men who are more into us than vice versa in the beginning. And emotionally available feminine women always tend to be more gravitated toward a man who is putting in the effort to be with them. We are naturally melted by a guy’s effort, not the other way around. That’s the way of nature for millennia.

“NO MORE EUMs!  Found the person who is completely into me and wants to be with me because I became emotionally available!  I was with and EUM in the past because I was an EUW.  I complained and complained, but it did not get any results and I was at fault.

When I had the strength to start to date others that is when I met my now fiancé.  Last week, I told my EUM that I am getting engaged to be married and that I will not be seeing him anymore.  He thought I was telling him this so he can step up.  I think he is still in shock. Read more »


He Offers Me A Relationship When I have Moved On


Feel what you want to feel through whatever goal it is you want to achieve right here right now.  So if being treated like a Goddess is what you want, you have to feel like a Goddess first.  And act like one.  If being happy is what you want, you need to feel happy right here right now.  Your feelings attract more of the same feelings.  That’s why when you feel fearful, you will manifest the very thing you fear of.  If you feel bitter and angry, you will attract more things that makes you even more bitter and angry. Your energetic frequency from which you vibrate is a real thing.  This is the law of attraction.

Just as soon as I finished with the first class of my monthly membership, Gillian posted this in the group: “D has been continuing to contact me the past two weeks. He ramped it up this weekend. I was very surprised at how many times he called me. One of the many times called me was early Saturday morning.. and I didn’t answer. That, apparently, made him nervous cause he continued to try to call me. He asked, (when he finally got a hold of me) so I told him that I had been picked up (for an early morning date) for breakfast and to watch the sun come up.

D was concerned cause he said he thought I was winding my dating down. I said to him (again) that my plans were to continue dating. I said (to D) that he was not interested in a relationship with me and that he indicated to me, several times, that I had much deeper feelings for him than he would ever have for me. (I was throwing back to him what he’s been saying to me..back when he broke it off with me and also during the couple of conversations we’ve had since we’ve been talking over the past month or so.) I told him that considering all that he’s been telling me, that I would be crazy to drop everyone else to date him. I told him that I wanted a relationship and that he did not..and that I needed to make it about me now. Read more »


Why Is He Pulling Away And How To Keep Him Interested


As part of intimacy cycle most guys will need to “regroup” after a period of intimacy (say after your weekend getaway). This is also called the rubber band effect. When a rubber band is stretched, and if the other end stays put, at some point the end that is being stretched will have to bounce back to its original position. So in other words, when your guy is pulling away, as long as you don’t chase and try to cling on to him, he will bounce back to you re-energized. Many women though, out of fear and ignorance, do the very thing that disturbs the bouncing-back process. Now instead of bouncing back, these men are running away from them.

“Hi Katarina,

Thank you again for emailing the book to me; I’m not sure what happened or why I could no longer access it.  I do enjoy reading it and have done so several times.  What you say is true and I do believe in your method, although maybe too late for the one I am or have been pining for lol…which I’m sure you would say, Read it again dummy you don’t get it!  when reading that.

My story is that I met what I thought was an amazing guy and actually thought he could be the one…scary thoughts for me but I just bought everything that he was saying and believed him right away.  We were intimate pretty early on and things were moving fast but I really thought, Ok this is how it goes!  When you meet someone and you know, this is how it is.   Read more »


Is He Losing Interest? Check On Your Expectations


A woman who is strong in her self-confidence as a feminine woman holds the key to a successful relationship in which she is cherished and treated the way she wants to be treated by the man she loves.  And that simply comes from a realization that she is powerful by being soft, secure in her self-worth, operating from a place of WHOLENESS without expectations and being firm in her healthy boundaries and self-respect.  She doesn’t ask for a lot, yet she doesn’t settle for a guy who doesn’t step up either. She treats herself -and her partner- well and she won’t tolerate lousy behaviors from any man.

My private group which is a support group for my clients and book readers is stirring with controversy every now and then (get my ebook to be included in this GEM group in which you will learn and grow so much). One of the members wrote not long ago, “As I was hiding my boyfriend’s birthday present under the bed, I stumbled on a shoebox containing old cards to and from his ex. I shouldn’t have read them cause now I feel like my heart is breaking…I know the cards are old, but it still hurts. Should I bring this up to him or was I in the wrong for reading them?”

Here’s my response:

I would say this is a case of “curiosity kills the cat” and how women are masters of creating problems when there is NONE. Read more »

How To Get Out The Friend Zone With Benefits Fast!


You’re friendzoned because you feel masculine to him. Getting out the friend zone is not a matter of what to do but what NOT to do.  Fixing things is masculine energy and a lot of women are in a constant fixing-mode that gets them deeper in a hole.  Let things be.  Let him be.

I have written three times about Arida but since her journey and love story is so inspiring I can’t help picking her case up again as a case in point that you have all the power to turn your relationship around.  In her case: from being friendzoned to being committed to:

“Be 100% responsible in our relationships. It takes only one person to make changes, and that person is us. We cannot control other people and situations. We can only change ourselves – either by walking away from things that no longer serve us (in this case, unfulfilling relationship) or adapt ourselves to that person/situation. No more victim mentality.

Oh, Katarina, I would no longer use the term EUM anymore for my guy…LOL.  Other than he needs to settle his personal matters first, he is emotionally available and so loving! All I can say is the frog is definitely boiled!  I wish I could hug you, Kat! Read more »


How To Be A Feminine Goddess Who Is The Co-Creator Of An Enlightened Relationship


“I was a total mess just a few weeks ago! Every day I listen to one of Katarina’s classes. I have Journey Inward and the Leaning Back workshop.  I just keep re- listening, I read her book and now I’m reading “The Power Of Now.” I’ve actually been able to go down to half the amount of medication I take for anxiety with no side effects. This is unbelievable to me! When I joined I was suicidal, planning how I could do it so it would look like an accident. I plan to get off them totally, been on and off 8 years and didn’t help much and only made me gain weight.” ~Rinna, British Columbia

My free teleclass was a blast on Saturday and surely you are itching for the replay, right?  This replay will only be available for a limited time and after that you can only access it through the members page and will be a part of my ebook’s bonuses.

So what are you waiting for?  If you haven’t got my ebook yet, it’s about time to make a commitment to yourself to start turning your life around, in every way, not only romantically, because YOU’RE WORTH IT.  Get it here.

If you sign up to my newsletter, you will receive the first three chapters PLUS you’ll be in the loop for our next FREE teleclass and access of the replays as well.

Read more »


Why Won’t He Marry Me Already?


Not everyone needs to marry and by God, please let marriage be a by-product of a healthy relationship, not a destination. If your relationship is shaky now or not that connected stop thinking of marriage for a while. Dive in the relationship, live it to the fullest, commit to it, be vulnerable, work with your partner to heal each other. That’s what relationship is for. You should stay together till it no longer serves the growth purpose for either/both of you. And stop deceiving yourself that you can walk away from relationship when you’re not done. Be brave, stay and work it out.


I received many emails asking me this kind of question from Jennifer: “I’ve been in a relationship with a man for almost 3 years. We’d talked about moving in together and getting married.  He acts like a father to my daughter, stays at my home 24×7, does most of the cooking for us, looks after my daughter when I have to work evenings and is completely devoted to us.

To backtrack: he told me a long time ago that he didn’t believe in marriage.  After dating for over a year I decided it was a deal breaker for me. He wasn’t happy about this but decided that ultimately I was more important that getting married or not getting married and if this was what he needed to do to be with me and my daughter he would do it. Read more »


Salvation Through Relationship: Relationship As A Spiritual Practice


“It is not easy to live with an enlightened person, or rather it is so easy that the ego finds it extremely threatening.  Remember that the ego needs problems, conflict, and “enemies” to strengthen the sense of separateness on which its identity depends. The unenlightened partner’s mind will be deeply frustrated because its fixed positions are not resisted, which means they will become shaky and weak, and there is even the “danger” that they may collapse altogether, resulting in loss of self. The pain-body is demanding feedback and not getting it. The need for argument, drama, and conflict is not being met.” ~Eckhart Tolle

This is the second part of my awakening story.  You can read the first part here.

During my awakening I also saw glimpses of what relationship could be like when at least one partner changes him/herself: from being reactive to being non-reactive, from taking things personally to allowing your partner to work through his/her fear, from resisting to getting into the flow and being totally vulnerable, from separation to sacred union as the yin-yang symbol depicts.

In a nutshell, from relationship filled with strife to harmony, healing and…salvation. Read more »


A Journey Home To Self, A Story of Awakening


Awakening is available to all because it’s a mere RETURN to our essence.  And that is why it is called “awakening” or “realization.”  It’s not something so grand, it is in fact very ordinary.  But we can’t see it because we are too busy in our delusion that is self-created through ignorance.  We have been lied to by and lost in the dream and we forgot we were sleeping.  When you have awakened, you will never go back to that dream.  And if you do, you know you are dreaming.  You will no longer be lost in the content of the dream and you will remember you are just playing a role that isn’t really you.

The past month I have been floating on Cloud 9 (hence updating this blog hasn’t been a priority).  There has been a profound shift of consciousness in me which I would call awakening.

I have been teaching my inner work program Journey Inward for a year now and I didn’t know what it would lead me to when I first launched it.  I just saw the repeated patterns of unconscious behaviors in my clients and the women who were in my community which kept them from being their most alluring self and in the process attracting and keeping a man attracted in a functional relationship. Read more »

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